Who is producing the replica designer handbags?

Replica handbags, also known as counterfeit handbags, are becoming increasingly popular due to their lower cost compared to genuine designer bags. However, there are two main types of factories that produce dupe bag: self-owned factories and subcontracted factories.

Self-owned Factories Producing Replica Handbags

Self-owned factories produce and sell replica handbags directly. Although the initial investment is relatively high, the production cost is lower than that of subcontracted factories. Moreover, because these factories actively engage in sales, they implement stricter management practices, enabling them to promptly identify and rectify any production errors. As a result, the quality of handbags produced by self-owned factories is generally more stable and reliable.

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Challenges of Subcontracted Factories in Producing Replica Handbags

On the other hand, subcontracted factories produce handbags based on the requirements of sellers. These factories often lack strict quality control, resulting in inconsistent product quality. Additionally, these factories tend to hire more temporary and inexperienced workers, leading to an overall lower quality of replica handbags compared to those produced by self-owned factories.

The Challenges and Misconceptions of Replica Handbag Production

Of course, these two types of factories do not produce rare materials such as ostrich leather, crocodile skin, and lizard skin. Handbags made from these materials are entirely hand-sewn and crafted from expensive materials. Producers often hire experienced workers to ensure the production process is error-free, as the cost of wasting a whole piece of material is significant.

In conclusion, replica designer handbags come from both self-owned and subcontracted factories. While the former generally have better quality due to strict management, both types of factories face similar problems due to their small scale and lack of reasonable management systems.

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